Think and question everything

Knowledge is power, it is our defence against those who wield unnecessary influence over us. This is my life, my body, my mind.

I want to keep learning, growing and being better and better. More than that I want to help others to wake up and understand how much power we each have. Yet we allow ourselves to be swept along by so many outside influences.

Stand in a shopping centre of supermarket and observe. All around you you see ignorance. So many overweight people, they look so helpless and out of control. They don’t have a clue how to look and feel better. They don’t have a hunger to learn how. Things were not like this even 2 decades ago. Obesity and ignorance, along with over-dependence on doctors to sort it out is the way it is.

I think differently. I won’t just take anyone’s word for something. I want to know how and why


Increasingly mad world?

Hello. My first post.

I am a great reader and I think a lot. I am increasingly worried about how things are going in our world in one particular aspect. The medicalisation of every symptom and ill. What is going on? Why are people blindly allowing themselves to be drugged, operated on and generally told what to do by doctors?

Our bodies are self healing and wise. What I see is the pharmaceutical companies, doctors, all kinds of ‘health care providers’ who give us the message of fear, anxiety and helplessness. It means we no longer trust ourselves and our body and mind’s innate wisdom and extraordinary power to heal ourselves.

I was just like everyone else until about a year ago. I finally woke up to realise I was being manipulated from every direction. I was on 4 different medications and I could not even remember why! So I made it my business to read, learn and inform myself. Then I told my doctor I wanted to come off them all under supervision – he did not like it. Long story but I am now taking no medicines and feel better than ever before. I spent 20 years taking tablets that were causing side effects.

I want to explore the theme of the power and fear that the medical profession spreads. Especially with screening programmes resulting in false positive results, over diagnosis, over treatment and generally making a lot of people into patients who have no reason to be. All based on our ‘risk’ society, telling us that if we don’t get checked continually, we are bound to die. Nonsense.

That’s all for today I think. My message is that let us all become informed, use our independent judgement.






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