Think and question everything

Knowledge is power, it is our defence against those who wield unnecessary influence over us. This is my life, my body, my mind.

I want to keep learning, growing and being better and better. More than that I want to help others to wake up and understand how much power we each have. Yet we allow ourselves to be swept along by so many outside influences.

Stand in a shopping centre of supermarket and observe. All around you you see ignorance. So many overweight people, they look so helpless and out of control. They don’t have a clue how to look and feel better. They don’t have a hunger to learn how. Things were not like this even 2 decades ago. Obesity and ignorance, along with over-dependence on doctors to sort it out is the way it is.

I think differently. I won’t just take anyone’s word for something. I want to know how and why


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